Web-Based Data Management

  • Project/Data Management
  • Process Organization

  • Community Capital Advisors' executive team has been at the forefront of electronic data management since early 2004 when a customized web-based data portal was created. The sole purpose of this portal is to manage capital raises for community banks and to maintain all shareholder information on a secure site.

    In the past, banks have relied heavily on Excel or Access spreadsheets to maintain their prospective shareholder lists. Although this works it unfortunately requires valuable time that can be better used contacting potential investors. The web-based data management portal allows CCA consultants to manage data from all aspects at a moment's notice. The advantage of this portal allows directors and bank managers with internet access to view all progress being made on the capital raise from their home or office computers in "real-time". The portal also has the capability to generate and print reports in various forms.

    While our competition may still rely on older methods to raise capital, CCA believes that technology is a major factor in simplifying business models. Raising large sums of capital can be expedited by the use of our sophisticated data management portal.